Excerpt + Official Review! Play by Piper Lawson

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

There hasn’t been a book by Piper Lawson that I didn’t open on my kindle and absorbed every emotion from the characters and drooling over the heroes. Piper always engages her readers and completely immerses us into the story line and has us falling head over heels. Her hero and heroines are beautifully flawed, have undeniable sexual attraction, and are oh so sexy! Max and Payton are full of surprises that we unwrap a chapter at a time and had me anxious to see what challenges they encountered next while waiting for them to self combust. Piper bring us a clash of the finance and the gaming world with plenty of sexy to spice things up.

Payton Blake, or “coyote” as Max loves to call her, is all about proving herself at Alliance Financial and that includes finding as many up and coming entrepreneurs to help her portfolio shine. When a young, eye brow pierced, intense, converse wearing hottie wants 20 million dollars and gives no specifics as to why, Payton is weary even if her libido is thrown into overdrive. Payton soon finds that success doesn’t just come dressed in a suit, some chances are worth the risk, and water melon is not the only flavor that she is craving. Payton sucked me in with her naiveté, big heart, and ambitious “go getter” attitude. She used her brains and not her good looks to work up the corporate ladder and has values that she won’t let anyone trample on.

“Max made me tear my hair out. And work my ass off. And put new batteries in my vibe.”

Max Donovan is skeptical, gorgeous, intellectual, and the owner of Titan Games. He has been renowned as a genius who is revolutionizing the gaming industry with a cold personality to match. After meeting the delicious Max, he had me buying whatever he was selling. He is all mystery, broodiness, just wanna lick you cockiness, that drives readers wild. I couldn’t wait to see Payton tear down his cold outer walls so we could experience the wounded soul inside. All the brains behind the understated brawn is irresistible. I was hooked on this “roadrunner” and couldn’t get enough of his and Payton’s cat and mouse game.

“Max was the same guy in bed that he was out of it, and I loved that. He might not have had twenty different sides, like his Magic 8 ball, but there were a lot. He could be thoughtful. Dorky. Insecure. And he could be cool. Arrogant. Unyielding.”

Piper Lawson delivers another New Adult romance that leaves readers panting and perspiring with a renewed love for her characters. I highly recommend Play for a romance that gives the perfect meld of geek and sexy that has you viewing gamers in a completely different light and wanting to level up. Who knows what kind of heat can be contained under those wire framed glasses and t-shirts with quirky sayings. A fascinating scorching read that is sure to press reader’s buttons and win over their hearts.

“I want to know how you taste,” I murmured. “I want to take you in my mouth and suck on you until you’re shaking.” I arched under him, pressing my hips up to his….He made a strangled noise low in his throat. “Jesus, Payton, I didn’t know you had such a dirty mouth.”


“You forgot to give me feedback.” I hovered a few feet from Max’s desk, waiting.

He lifted a shoulder under the tight t-shirt, sparing me the briefest glance before turning back to his computer. “It didn’t light me on fire.”

The stab of disappointment was real. I’d spent hours working on that presentation. Days.

“Lighting you on fire isn’t my job,” I reminded him coolly.

Max turned to rest his irritated gaze on me. “Feeding your ego isn’t my job. You wanted my opinion, and I gave it to you. I treat you exactly like anyone else who works at Titan.”

Max’s apartment was empty except for us, and silent but for the low chords bleeding through the sound system. “Do you seriously believe that? If you do, you’re the only one.”

He stilled, eyes narrowing. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Never mind. I’m out of here.”

“Payton.” The sharpness had me stopping next to the pool table.

Max crossed the office until he was on top of me. His body blocked the overhead light, making his taut expression even darker. His smell, woodsy with a little spice underneath, invaded my senses.

“What?” My retort was breathy.

I remembered how his hands had felt on my neck. He could be patient, gentle. 

He wasn’t now. Dark brows drew together on his face, a mask of frustration. But that mouth…

His mouth was just parted, revealing the curve of that lip he liked to brush as if he didn’t know it killed me.

Fuck, I wanted to bite it.


Max reached out a hand, his fingers sliding into my hair near my scalp. A rush of pleasure coursed through my body.

I wanted to watch his face but couldn’t help the way my eyelids started to drift shut, my lips parting as his hand moved through the waves hanging loose at my back.

Until I felt him tug the ends, hard enough to make me gasp as my eyes flew open.

Max wasn’t as unaffected as he pretended to be. I knew it from the way his black pupils had taken over his eyes, the way a muscle twitched in his jaw.

Boldness surged through me as I found my voice.

“What game are we playing now, Max?” I taunted.

His mouth crushed down on mine.

Every thought ran out of me until I was empty, like the open can of Riley’s energy drink I’d spilled earlier. I couldn’t think. Only feel Max’s mouth, firm and a little desperate as it moved over mine. 

His tongue pressed against the seam of my lips until I opened on a shallow breath. He tasted like mint and something darker as his hands gripped my hips, pulling me to him so his thick erection pressed against my thigh.

Max Donovan was the guy who made me tear my hair out, and work my ass off, and put new batteries in my vibe. He also kissed me like he had a right to do it, his arms hard and unyielding around me.

I reached a shaky hand up to touch the side of his face, determined to push him away.

Or pull him closer.


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