(Enamor by Veronica Larsen)

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

To say I was completely enamored with this book would be an understatement. This is the first book that I have read by Veronica Larsen and I found it to be emotionally gripping, steamy, and it spoke to some of the troubles that can arise with spitefulness and technology. Enamor is a story where friendship and love go hand in hand. Julia and Giles are two souls that find each other at a time when they need one another the most. These characters draw on all of your emotions and are so much more than just another romance. Veronica Larsen gives us a story with lots of heart, emotion, and knows how to build the sexual tension to a feverish pitch!

“I know what we’re doing isn’t smart. We are latching onto an almost we seem to enjoy torturing ourselves with. An almost kiss, an almost touch. An almost romance we’re both too hesitant to trek.”

Julia has been through so much and has had her privacy violated, accusations thrown, and judgments passed. It is a wonder that she is even brave enough to go out and face the world, yet she gets up and goes to school, to work, and continues on. When meeting Giles she is a broken shell of a young woman and instantly puts her guard up and instantly dislikes him. He reminds her of people in her past who have hurt her and she refuses to put herself in a situation to be hurt and ridiculed that way again. If only he wasn’t so sexy and didn’t get under her skin the way he does! Julia goes through an emotional journey of self discovery and learns the strength that she has within.

“I want her for myself. I want to be the one that makes her laugh. I want to be the one she gets in bed with and writes under all night. I want her sexy little voice moaning my name and no one else’s”

Giles is so freakin’ hot and adorable in every way! To bad he made such a bad impression on Julia from the moment that they met. He does come across as cocky and as a man who gets around, but as you get to know him you find out that he is the perfect match for Julia. I loved their playful banter and the way they became such great friends and then scorching hot lovers. Giles has a tragic past and has been damaged just as much as Julia and needs to make amends with his past and let others share his grief as well.

“I want to make it so that you can’t think the word sex without remembering me sliding inside of you. I need to know what you sound like when you come. And I need to know what you feel like, inside, when you do. Tell me you want it, too.”

Veronica writes a story of two young people who form a strong bond that leads to undeniable passion and love. Enamor was a pleasure to read from beginning to end. The characters are well developed, the story line is interesting, the romance is sweet, and the sex is off the charts hot! I highly recommend for a “feel good” read that speaks to the strength of friendship and love. I plan on reading the rest of the book in the Heart Of Stone series so that I can experience more of Veronica’s amazing characters and riveting stories.

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