Double Review! Property of Drex (Death Chasers MC #1 and #2) by C. M. Owens

Property of Drex 1After becoming fanatically obsessed with C. M. Owens laughter provoking Sterling Shore series and her tickle your funny bone humor, I was intrigued and ready to experience one of her jaunts into the darker side. So when I got a chance to sit down and indulge in another of her fictional worlds and this one included intense, motorcycle riding, leather wearing, inked hotties…all I could think was “where do I click?” C. M. Owens proved to me along with all her other readers that her writing spans multiple genres and she is just as kick ass with her hair raising, bullet flying suspense as she is with comedy. Drex and Eve are an extreme, adrenaline inducing couple that take life’s curves low and at full speed that keeps your pulse jumping and libido in overdrive from beginning to end.

“The Death Dealers have a reputation..Ruthless. Depraved. Dirty. Most importantly, brutal. I’m really hoping it’s all just been hearsay stuff that doesn’t hold any real truth.”

Eve Marks finds herself in a dangerous situation where she has to sell her body to the devil to save her family. When she ends up in the hands of the handsome inked Vice President of the Death Dealers MC, she expects pain in her future, little does she know there will be lots of pleasure. When Drex Cain meets his new innocent, sexy, curvy toy Eve, he knows his world is going to rocked off it’s foundation and he plans on rocking hers just as much. Eve and Drex robbed me of emotions with their dark and twisted world and their ability to find love in the middle of such heart pounding danger.

“I’ve got to search you.” His velvety, smooth, deep voice shouldn’t be seductive. He’s a criminal, a coldhearted killer, and I’m about to let him touch me without true protest. “Open your mouth and spread yours legs”

C.M. Owens delivers a romance with shocking surprises around every corner, explosive scenes both in and out of the bedroom, and a cliff hanger that keeps us panting and on the edge. I highly recommend Property of Drex 1 for a fast paced, sizzler that will leave you breathless and in love with another of her fictional couples.

He growls low in my ear, staying inside me. “I think you like danger, sweet girl. I think it turns you the f**k on. This is going to be more fun than I thought.”



Property of Drex 2It is that time again! Eek! C.M. Owens had us begging to read more of Eve and Drex’s story from Property of Drex 1. She gave us a taste of this dark and spicy couple, living through the whizzing bullets and explosive antics that go on in this sadistic fictional world, and left us with a soul yearning and craving for more! In Property of Drex 2 there are questions to be answered, more intrigue to be had, and loads more heat between these two.

“The feds are closing in, Hell Breathers are finally seeking revenge, and Pop just pissed off the only people he had at his back.”

Eve and Drex find themselves trapped in a world where death, betrayal, and danger surround them. They are just starting to realize their feelings for one another and their world is crumbling fast! Eve wants to grab a hold of Drex and never let go while Drex wants to push her away before she is dragged under into his criminally filled life and crowned as the queen. Little do they know of the evil that lurks close by that could destroy them both. If I thought that I was overtaken with raw emotion in the first part of their story, they had me weak in the knees and biting my nails through the second part and begging for C.M. Owens to show her characters mercy and me as well.

“Drex is the kind of guy I should run from, yet I keep running to him. I’d like to blame some psychological breakdown, but I know my mind has nothing to do with the feelings I have for him.”

C.M. Owens delivers a conclusion that knocks readers socks off and leaves us clamoring for another taste of these hot motorcycle heroes in the Death Chasers series. I highly recommend both Property of Drex 1 & 2 for an exciting ride with a hero and heroine that will steal your heart and your breath. Eve and Drex are deliciously sinful and temptingly sweet!

“His lips are back on mine the second it’s gone, but the kis is brief because he lifts me quickly, and I suck in a breath when I got up higher than expected. “Back against the wall, and legs on my shoulders,”



  1. When will Axle’s Brand Death Chasers book 3 be released? I can’t wait to read it!!

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