Development (Songs and Sonatas #2) by Jerica MacMillan

Development by Jerica MacMillan


Title: Development

Series: Songs and Sonatas #2

Author: Jerica MacMillan

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: Dec 4th, 2017



Summertime … and the living is easy.

Unless you’re dating the next big pop star, and your meddling parents are holding you hostage more than a thousand miles away.

Okay, so maybe that’s a tad dramatic, but after spending all the time I want with Jonathan during the school year—playing music and helping him fill out the rest of his album—being separated is harder than I expected.

We manage to convince my parents to let me visit him in California for two weeks. But they have stipulations. My older sister has to come with me as a chaperone, and if we’re staying in Jonathan’s apartment, then he has to stay at his parents’ house.

Two weeks isn’t nearly long enough when I’d been pushing for the whole summer, but I’ll take what I can get.

Jonathan’s dad is friendly and welcoming, his brothers are warming up to me, but his mom … Well, let’s just say that I thought Dallas was the home of sugar-coated venom. I guess we don’t have a monopoly on that after all.

Despite parental interference on both sides, our time together is almost everything I hoped it would be. Unexpected opportunities come my way that make it impossible for my parents to drag me back home, extending my stay and forging valuable contacts in the music industry.

But all the good doesn’t cover over the fact that Jonathan’s mom and manager both think I’m a distraction. Their thinly veiled barbs make the city of angels feel more like the city of vipers. 

Once our summer together ends, I’ll head back to Marycliff University while Jonathan goes on a North American tour to promote his new album. How am I going to handle it when we spend more time apart than we do together? 

Picking up Jonathan and Gabby’s story, Development is the second installment in the Songs and Sonatas series. If you love coming of age stories about finding yourself and standing for what you want in the face of opposition, don’t miss this hot new take on the rockstar romance genre!



I received a copy and voluntarily left a review.

Jerica MacMillian’s latest novel, Development, finds us back in Gabby and Jonathon’s tumultuous ride through their new love and musical journey. If you thought their story was full of angst, passion, and paparazzi in Double Exposition, get prepared for more drama, musical madness, and lots and lots of heat! These string players will be manipulating more than just their instruments, they will also be playing with reader’s hearts!

My fascination with Gabby is still going strong watching her explore a new niche in the music world. I enjoyed seeing her negotiate with her parents who still want to keep her a little girl, and admiring the way she is learning to fit into her boyfriend’s new world full of cameras and fame. She is a young woman on the rise of something great and is not willing to back down from her own dreams or give up on her love for Jonathon, no matter what obstacles remain. She is a bad ass violinist who is fearless in going after both success and matters of the heart!

Jonathon is learning that being in show business while grown, isn’t going to be without its challenges either. Especially in the midst of a new love that he just can’t live without and precious time to spend with her. He soon learns that it is going to be hard to pursue his dreams and also be with Gabby. But everything worth doing is not easy…right! Jonathon shows that there is more to him than just chiseled abs and musical talent and he will leave you singing his praises and falling ever harder for him!

Jerica MacMillan gives us another outstanding musical performance starring a talented, head strong couple that will stand up to all the odds to be together. I highly recommend both Double Exposition and Development for a glimpse into a love that will flourish even surrounded by fame and all the problems that come with it. I adore the Songs and Sonatas series and cannot wait to experience their finale that I am sure will leave us all standing at ovation, clapping with our hearts in our eyes!

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