Damaged Never Looked So Good (Jesse by Jo Raven)

JesseOnce again Jo Raven writes about the damaged, tragically beautiful, young people of Madison County. She started writing with her series of the Inked Brotherhood and had us all hooked from the very first novel Asher. She had so many readers and fans panting for more that she continued with her Damage Control Series that began with Micah.

This is a sensual, arousing, love story about Jesse and Amber, and their tragic past that still haunts them. Their abilities to deal with their demons and not let it destroy their love is the theme of this novel. However, I can not just talk about Jesse and Amber, there’s also all the other equally damaged individuals that make up the group. I have grown to love the character Zane more and more with every book that Jo Raven writes. With his blue Mohawk, sexy tattoos, his favorite expletive/endearment, and his heart of gold, he is the one personality who is the glue in both the Inked Brotherhood and the Damage Boyz. Zane has left a long line of female readers crushing on his every word. These friends are so loyal and help each other to deal with their past horrors, it makes me want to crawl into the books and just be in existence with them.

Jesse is the total package with his caramel colored skin, ripped abs,  greenish eyes, bad ass tattoos and sexy piercings. He considers himself to be good for no one even though women cannot resist him. Jesse is grateful to not be living out on the street but is preparing for the inevitable, which is the Inked Brotherhood getting rid of him. When Amber stumbles into his life in a crowded party, he sees her as a beautiful angel that is to good to touch even though he is drawn to her but wants to know why she is immune to his charms.

This who I am, Embers, he drawls, closing his eyes. What you see is what you get. I told you that you will tired of me soon.”

Amber has been tortured needlessly with cruel, harsh, peer violence and has been running scared. She has been scarred from Madison County for three years and has decided to make the return to face her fears and unwanted ghosts from her past. The last thing she expected was to be visually assaulted by a tattoed, sexy man-whore at a party that she never planned on attending in the first place. She has little to no self esteem, cocooned by a sarcastic exterior meant to protect herself from any further heart break brought on by others.

“I do this to remind myself I survived. Survived the mindless hatred and violence that shaped my nightmares.”

Together they create not only provocative, risque, hot off the presses scenes but they help each other endure, and overcome their inner demons that threaten their growing love and promising future. This book is about so much more than romance. It is about friendship, weathering the storm together, overcoming obstacles, and building a new life together full of beautiful experiences with a close knit group which are more like family than friends.

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  1. Terrific review about an amazing series of books by Jo Raven, they are freaking awesome and you have done them justice!!

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