Cover Reveal: Want by Laura B. Martinez



(A Satisfaction Guaranteed Novella)


Laura B. Martinez


Cover Reveal

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 30th

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Cover Designer: Sybil Wilson/ Popkitty Design

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One look at the captivating girl and my interest is piqued.

Two worry filled brown eyes stare up at me and I instantly feel protective.

Three heartbeats later my hand clasps hers.

Four seconds pass before I ask her what’s wrong.

“I need a sugar daddy.”

Five words uttered from her plump lips and I offer to fill the position
without a second thought.

Have you ever desired something so intensely it consumes you?

I want her and I’ll do anything to have a taste.


*All novellas will be complete standalones with interconnected characters.*


Laura hails from Hell, as a destroyer of hopes and a keeper of souls, she
enjoys writing dark and twisted tales while destroying the lives of happy
people. As a seeker of knowledge, she’d rather spend hours doing research
than join the land of the living in the outside world. When she takes a
break from devastating humankind with her words, you can find her enjoying
the pleasures that can only be obtained from her other favorite forms of
art: movies, music, and coffee.


VENERABLE, book one in the Among Monsters series, is her debut novel, where
she hopes to bring readers to the dark side and in the future she would
love to venture into other genres.

Be prepared for one helluva ride.



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