Combo Review! Blurred Lies (the Blurred Series #1) by Elle Ellerton

Every now and then, books that I have reviewed before change covers, or get combined in a larger volume. Elle Ellerton has done both! Blurred Lies and Blurred Truth have been combined into a single novel called Blurred Lies, and now with a sexy new cover, it has been released on Amazon. At the time of this writing, it’s on Kindle Unlimited too! Check out this new cover and see my original reviews for BOTH parts.


Originally published as two separate books (Blurred Lies & Blurred Truth). Re-edited to create this dual point-of-view, full-length novel. This book has no cliffhanger.

Blurred Lies: a new adult romance

“I love my big brother, Nate, and I have no reservations about moving in with him at all. It’s his roommate and best friend, Ryan, who’s the issue; because I love him, too… or at least I did when I was fifteen. And he hates me… or at least he did when he was eighteen. Well, I think he did. I can’t think of another explanation for the way he treated me.”

When Natalie Connor’s parents are killed in a car accident, she’s left with no choice but to move more than a thousand miles from the home she’s always known, to live with her big brother, Nate, and his best friend, Ryan.With anxiety playing a large role in her life, the loss of her loving parents, feelings that still linger for Ryan, and an online relationship to complicate matters even further, can Natalie find a way to be happy and grow into the person she wants to become? Or will all the lies ruin the love she’s waited so long to discover?

“She’s arriving today. Natalie Connor is moving in with me, and I have no idea how I’m going to handle it.”

When Ryan Landon is faced with the reality of living with the one girl he can’t have – his best friend’s little sister – he must choose between being honest or kind.Being both isn’t an option.When the truth is revealed, and the past comes back to haunt them, will Natalie and Ryan’s love for one another be strong enough to hold them together, or will the lies that have been allowed to prevail, tear them apart, forever?

Review of Blurred Lies

From the moment I read the blurb I knew that this was going to be my kind of book. I am a big lover of New Adult, there is just something about the innocence during the beginning of adult hood and discovering love…sigh! Elle Ellerton wrote Blurred Lies from Natalie’s point of view and did a phenomenal job of showcasing Natalie’s feelings and emotions. She drags us into Natalie’s anxious, scary, new reality of life without her parents after their accident. As readers we get to experience her highs and lows, confusion, past hurts, and see her love for Ryan grow. Ryan and Natalie together are smokin’ hot whether it is in the shower, back of a truck, or a bed, they know how to heat things up!

“I’ve waited so long for you,” he says, and I feel the same way. I don’t really understand what that means, but have no time to ponder it.”

Natalie has just lost her parents and her life has been uprooted to go and live with her brother and his best friend. She is anxiety ridden, lacks confidence, and is a total introvert. She spends her time writing memos and such for money and talking to a male friend in a chat room. I loved seeing Natalie blossom into her own person during the story. She became more confident about who she was and she began to shine. There would be no way that Ryan wouldn’t be able to see this beauty and not fall in love. She made such an awe inspiring transformation in the face of the grief over her parents where stronger people might have crumbled. She began to build a new life that overshadowed her former life and made her a more self assured, beautiful woman.

“I want to make everything special for you. I don’t want to rush. I want to take my time and savor every single moment. But, God help me, Natalie, I want to be inside you so damn bad right now it actually hurts.”

Ryan Landon is quite the enigma throughout Blurred Lies. He is sexy, sweet, guarded and everything a young woman like Natalie needs and wants. I fell for Ryan right away knowing he had a troubled past and the care he shows towards Natalie along with that ripped body, who could resist? I have this feeling that the mystery of Ryan will be unveiled more in Blurred Truth and we will see what makes this handsome guy tick.

“The words are always there on the tip of my tongue, begging to be said. When he’s kissing me I want to whisper it, and when he’s inside me I want to scream it.”

Elle Ellerton brings us a love story that has been developing over many years, surprises, and lots of passion. I highly recommend for lovers of New Adult. Ryan and Natalie will rock your emotional foundation and make your heart melt. Join me next week and hear my thoughts Blurred Truth which is Ryan’s side of the story. I am sure it is just as titillating and sweet as Blurred Lies.

Review of Blurred Truth

All I can say is WOW! I thought that I loved reading Blurred Lies from Natalie’s point of view, that is nothing compared to how much I love Blurred Truth from Ryan’s point of view. Elle Ellerton takes us through their love story again in Part one and Part two begins where the first book finishes. As the story is told we get to see bits of pieces of Ryan’s childhood and the scenes that were missing from Natalie’s story. Elle gives us even more steam from Ryan’s perspective..fanning, panting, and left wanting more.

“It was all just blurred lies that have led us to the truth.”

After reading Blurred Truth, I just wanted to hug Ryan tight and never let go. He has lived through such pain in his childhood and all consuming guilt that makes things between him and Natalie all that much more complicated. We get to see the more vulnerable side of Ryan which makes him that much sexier in my opinion. The things that he thought about Natalie…hmmmm..they were hot! Ryan beautifully flawed, deep, and etched in my heart forever. You know what they say about book boyfriends “It’s not cheating if they are in different books”. He pierced my heart with his story of sorrow, perseverance, and love.

“I know her. I know almost everything about this girl and she doesn’t even realize it. A pang of guilt hits me with that thought.”

Seeing Natalie through Ryan’s eyes is enlightening. He may not have known all along about her feelings for him but he always knew how beautiful she was inside and out. It was wonderful being able to see them fall in love all over again, yet I couldn’t wait to get to the second part so I could find out more about our mysterious Ryan and see them reconnect.

“You feel amazing, Natalie. You’re so f**king perfect,” I whisper nest to her ear as I continue at an unhurried pace. “You like feeling me inside you , don’t you baby?”

Elle Ellerton gives a conclusion to Ryan and Natalie’s story filled with angst, passion, and a love that knows no limits to how far they will go to protect and love each other. I highly recommend for New Adult lovers but you must read both Blurred Lies & Blurred Truth since they are two halves to the same coin. I plan on reading any of Elle Ellerton’s future work and maybe we will get to see more of Ryan and Natalie? Only time will tell.

“Please, Little Dove. Don’t do this. You’re the best part of my life…of me!” I try to explain and I’m vaguely aware of a tear rolling down my cheek.


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