Get Lucky with Five Hot Guys this St. Patrick’s Day!

I was brainstorming ideas for a “five” post (Five Sexy Strangers… , Five good girls gone bad…) when my daughter Devon jumped in and said “Why don’t you write about 5 guys who got lucky and post on St. Patricks Day. I almost didn’t do it, but my daughter reminded me of this and insisted […]

Five Reformed Bad Boys That Will Steal Your Heart

I just love the new year… don’t you? It brings about so many possibilities for becoming a better person and a new you! I thought it would be fun to introduce my readers to five books with bad boys that fall in love and turn out to be a decent guy under that rough persona, […]

Five Sexy Stepbrothers You Can’t Resist

Those of you who know me, should not be surprised to see anything about stepbrothers. Something about the slight taboo aspect appeals to me. The denial, restraint, and uncontrollable desire make me weak in the knees. What can I say, that heat radiates off of the forbidden couple causes me to melt heart and body. […]

Five Fictional Best Friends that Turned to Something More…

The books that I most become attached to are not the ones that have the hottest cover(however swoonworthy they may be), but the ones that have best friends that fall in love. There is just something about friendships that after knowing all the flaws about one another, fall in love. I love reading about the […]

Five Good Girls Gone Bad!

There are certain aspects I love about romance and one of them is When we find out there are many layers to our sexy “bad boy” in a novel. Another is when you find out that the “good girl” is not always so good, if you know what I mean. I am going to share five books that have good girls that turned out to be really bad, but in a good way. Who knows? Maybe the bad boys in these stories will corrupt in an “oh so good way” when you read them.