Join the Club (Dollar Shave Club)

We stumbled upon something that completely changed the way we purchase our razors about a year ago and we have never been happier. With six people in the house that have to shave, buying the more expensive razors that are better for sensitive skin can become a rather daunting and expensive task. We wanted to […]

You Got The Right Stuff…Groupon

This weekend was a very memorable weekend for me that more than likely would not have happened if it weren’t for my best friend or Groupon. First let me tell you that I am often labeled as a “cheap skate”. Well… really that is how people usually refer to our whole family. I say “let […]

You cannot organize clutter (Flylady)

Nowadays everybody is running at warp speed at all times. I don’t know about you but I have found things that I have put in the refrigerator that didn’t belong there or found refrigerated items that were forgotten in the vehicle after a hasty trip to the store. I’ve had overdue library books or bills […]

There is such thing as a free lunch..and a whole lot of swag (swagbucks)

As I have mentioned before, our family does just about anything we can to save money. Sometimes our ideas work, other times not so much. Five years ago we found a way to earn gift cards and we have been doing so ever since then. We had discovered a search engine that is called Swagbucks. […]