There is such thing as a free lunch..and a whole lot of swag (swagbucks)

As I have mentioned before, our family does just about anything we can to save money. Sometimes our ideas work, other times not so much. Five years ago we found a way to earn gift cards and we have been doing so ever since then. We had discovered a search engine that is called Swagbucks. […]

Let Us Read….(Kindle Unlimited)

We are very much a reading family, big surprise I know. You can find us reading a variety of different ways for instance on the internet when we scour wikipedia in search of ideas for a research paper, online news, blog post ideas, or even social media. As well as in print such as paperback, […]

Special Delivery (Amazon Prime)

Anyone who knows our family also knows that there is one recurring topic in our house. That topic is saving money. It doesn’t matter what item needs to be bought for our household whether it is auto repair parts, purchasing carpet, or tackling a DIY project saving money always applies. Often people cannot believe what […]

“I thought this was a party” (House Party)

I decided to share with everyone some experiences that our family has had with “House Party”. House Party is a company that brings product manufacturers together with consumers to help introduce new products inside the comfort of someone’s home. We have personally hosted several parties and have attended a neighbors house party as well. It […]

Rollin in the dough (Bank of America)

In our family we have had experiences with a few banks but none has been as pleasant as being a customer of Bank of America. We love that we have a checking account with no monthly fees just for having a direct deposit and the same applies to a student account as long as they […]