Let’s Do The Dip Baby! (7 layer dip recipe)

We generally like to watch what we eat on a daily basis but I have often heard that to make something a lifestyle instead of a diet, you must eat healthy 90% of the time and the other 10% eat to enjoy so that you remain diligent the rest of the time. I believe this […]

(Chocolate No Bake Cookie Recipe)

      Since tonight my hubby is coming home, I decided to write about something sweet that all of our family enjoys. We have used this recipe for many years in our family. We love to make these around Christmas time and package in holiday tins to hand out to neighbors, employees at the […]

Delicious no matter how you slice it! (Homemade Bread)

During one vacation many summers ago, we stumbled upon a bread machine while shopping at a thrift store. We were beyond excited to be making bread using only raw ingredients. We were able to successfully make three loaves of bread and then all of the sudden we could not get the dough to rise. We […]

Need A Little Sweetness In Your Life? Banana Split Cake Recipe

Every Friday morning begins with talk of what we going to have as the main dish and dessert for our splurge meal. We are health nut enthusiasts on many levels. You can find us adults exercising to Leslie Sansone walking DVDs every morning bright and early and the teenagers often go for walks in the […]

Cauliflower Faked-Potatoes – A healthier side item

We recently tried a new recipe that we saw on Facebook and knew immediately that it was going to be on our “go to” list of recipes. There are six people living in our house with various likes and dislikes which often times makes it difficult to find a dish that we all like. We […]