Book Spotlight: Beautifully Burned by Bey Tolentino

  Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance   Available Now: Amazon US –   Blurb:   Just because you use plaster doesn’t mean you’ll heal, and just because it hurts doesn’t mean you’ll die.   Finally leaving the place that she once called home, Thia Meizler opens up a new chapter of her life that begins […]

Book Spotlight: Space Girls! ~ Part One: When Worlds Collide! by Tracey DeSanto

It’s Wild Wednesday again, and we’re back with another one of Tracey DeSanto’s odd, wierd, and outerworldly erotic adventures. Last week we featured a collection of Odd Bits and Dark Corners, but today we’re going OUT of this world. Have a look at Tracey’s take on sexy Space Girls!     Blurb:   Space Girls! is […]

Book Spotlight: Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compliation by Tracey DeSanto

On this Wild Wednesday, we are journeying to the realm of the fantastical and odd, but still highly erotic storytelling. For the next few weeks we will be featuring a different book from Tracey DeSanto, who’s works cover the taboo, the dark, and the strange! So without further ado, here’s a spotlight of her first […]

Book Spotlight! Rule Breaker by Sienna Snow

Title: Rule Breaker Author: Sienna Snow Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis She controls a technology empire. He controls her. At just twenty-eight years old, Arya Rey has become queen of the tech world. While she is highly respected as a philanthropist and fearless businesswoman, no one would suspect that beneath her controlled exterior simmers a private […]

Book Spotlight! The Matriarch by Sloane Howell

Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA         Betrayal is easy, sex is a weapon, and information is power. Maggie Madison sits in the lofty towers of her city during the day, but at night she lurks the seedy underbelly, looking to snare the man who stole her innocence. Her simple quest becomes […]