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In Dirty LiesDirty LiesDirty Lies by Emma Hart
Bad boy drummer Aidan Burke of Dirty B takes center stage in New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart’s hotly anticipated follow-up to Dirty Past and Dirty Secret! Aidan Burke is the perfect rebound guy for Jessie Law after she catches her asshole ex-boyfriend with his hands down some other girl’s pants. The world-famous drummer of Dirty B isn’t shy about his preference for no-strings-attached relationships, so when she meets him on a night out, she takes him up on his simple proposal:...
The Burke Brothers Book 3
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: 2015-10-12
Kindle Price: 4.99
we find Dirty B’s drummer Aidan Burke playing with more than just his drumsticks.When Aidan’s mouth and alpha male machismo gets him in trouble, he is left juggling lies and a fake girlfriend for publicity sake. It is up to Aidan to clean up Dirty B’s even dirtier reputation between the sheets. From the first chapter till the last, it was entertaining watching the antics of Aidan and Jessie and seeing the flames between the two ignite. Emma Hart brings us back home with the band to Charleston, South Carolina to see how fame can affect their personal lives and oftentimes destroy those that they love. We get to see a budding relationship at it’s most vulnerable state and the hardships that both Jessie and Aidan have to endure. Even though they are heart warming and Emma brings to light a serious issue with the media, we still get to visit those fun loving and cocky Burkes and the little toddler that has them all wrapped around her finger. So get ready for plenty of laughter, heart fluttering, and maybe even a tear or two, because Emma knows how to deliver all three to her readers in large doses.

“It’s far easier to hurt yourself with a lie than it is to risk someone else hurting you with their truth.”

Jessie Law is a colorful woman in every sense of the word. From her flower tattoos that have special meaning, her bright red hair, and her saucy attitude. She is her own woman and would never swoon over a boy band like her sister. When her judgment gets the best of her for one carefree, uninhibited night with Aidan Burke, she does not plan on a repeat. He has been her nemesis since a seventh grade mishap leaving her with a black eye. In her opinion one night doesn’t change anything. When he makes an outrageous proposition and she agrees for her own reasons, she has no idea the wild ride she is in for. I especially love Jessie! She has a hard shell but once you reach her gooey center, you realize that she has heart and stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t apologize for who she is. Do I have a girl crush? Maybe…just a little.

“I’m not a groupie whore. I’m a woman who deserves his respect for no other reason than the fact I’ve never done anything to lose it.”

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After reading about the sexy Aidan in both Dirty Secret and Dirty Past, I was excited to see him get down and dirty with Jessie and boy did he..whew! The animosity between the two leads to scorching hot scenes and the dates that he plans for her are just everything a woman could ever want… spanx and all. I love how he is the “broody” twin, which is hot, how his tattoos remind him of home and how he knows when to man-handle Jessie and when to woo her. As with the other Burke brothers he oozes raw sex appeal and charm in his own unique way.

“You’re thankin’ me real early, baby. I haven’t even kissed you yet. Doesn’t the thankin’ come after the best orgasm you’re ever gonna have?”

Emma Hart gives us a “rockin’” series that is funny, sweet, and will keep you heated for hours. I would love to say that Aidan is my favorite twin but I have a feeling that Emma will deliver us another scorcher with our rocker sweetie Kye and a heart wrenching conclusion in Dirty Tricks that will leave us even more besotted and pleading for an encore.

“Shhh.” She holds her finger against my lips “I’m not accountable for anything I said while under the influence of fishbowl cocktails and Aidan Robert Burke.”

Haven’t had the pleasure of fighting crime with Emma Hart? Check out Twisted Bond and meet sassy Noelle Bond and the sexy Drake Nash. Looking for some action both on and off the field, get Blindsided by Leah and Corey in the first book in the By His Game series. No matter what kind of romance you are in the mood for, Emma Hart has a couple that will make you laugh, keep you company, and have you fall in love.
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  1. Great review

    • Rochelle's Reviews says

      Thank you! I am a huge Emma Hart fan and loved all of her dirty talking Burke Brothers…she has a book about their sister Leila coming out in May…I can’t wait!

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