The Way to Handle a… (Bro’ by Joanna Blake)

I really liked Clay and Nevada’s romance portrayed in BroBroBro by Joanna Blake
I can’t stand a BRO’. You know the type. Rich, hot, tan, full of himself. Well, I’ve got one under my skin and he’s driving me insane. The worst part is, he knows it. Clayton Westfield isn’t my friend or even just a classmate. He’s something even more annoying. My mother Dana works for the Westfield’s and we live in their house. Well, above the garage really. Clayton is just a few years older so I’ve known him all my life. We even went to the same private school. He’s rich, h...
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-04-20
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
. I’m quite fond of the typical “bad boy falls in love with good girl” story. In Bro there is a twist at the end that caused me to sit up and take notice. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can say that at the last minute Joanna Blake creates a twist and throws in another aspect that has become one of my favorite taboos (wink-wink). This is the first book that I have read by Joanna Blake and it will definitely not be the last. Clay and Nevada know how to steam up the place whether it is in a country club, a pool house, or tied up to a bed. This is a heart pounding sexy read.

“This summer was going to be special I could just tell. I just wasn’t sure yet how special. Or why.”

Clay is the ultimate rich bad boy that has no real purpose for the summer except to chase skirts, or better yet, let them chase him. That is until he gets a look at the new “busty” Nevada. Then his new goal is to teach this beautiful, innocent, book smart, good girl the moves that have made him a ladies man. He has always had a soft spot for her but now he has a vacancy for her in his bed as well. By the end of the story, it’s clear he’s not your typical Bro’ and actually has a heart of gold that he has tried to guard carefully. There is no way to guard his heart against the beautiful, intelligent Nevada. It was entertaining to watch the cat and mouse game between this couple.

“I needed this girl. This tough, sweet, earnest, hard working girl who didn’t know shit about men. Or sex. And I’d seen it all. I couldn’t wait to teach her.”

Nevada has been pining for Clay for most of her teenage years. She is back from college and her looks no longer fall flat, she has a rockin’ body and she is curious to see how Clay will respond. She wants him to notice her and would like to be his but she doesn’t want to be just another conquest. She is also concerned about if she will fit into his world that is full of money or if everyone will view her as the “poor” girl trying to snag the “rich” guy. If only she could resist him or know for sure that he cared about her as much out of the bedroom as in it. Even with all of her smarts, she is not prepared for what her body and heart will encounter with Clay.

“With his athletic build, dark hair and impossibly blue eyes, Clay Westfield was a heartbreaker with a capital H. And I was definitely not immune to his charms.”

Joanna Blake takes the typical bad boy and good girl love story, has their two different worlds collide, and gives you a little of the forbidden. What’s not to love? I know I loved every sentence of verbal foreplay and titillating scene. This is a sizzling love story that will have you thinking about pancakes in a completely different way. I highly recommend for those who love a coming of age romance that includes plenty of steam and heart melting romance. It will leave you hot and bothered, crushing on the characters, and wistful for your own heat inducing summer. Joanna has many more provocative, entertaining, sexy stories out there that I plan on reading. In fact Player is next on my list and I plan on letting you in on the juiciness and soon you will be a Joanna Blake fan as well.


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