Book Spotlight: Space Girls! ~ Part One: When Worlds Collide! by Tracey DeSanto

It’s Wild Wednesday again, and we’re back with another one of Tracey DeSanto’s odd, wierd, and outerworldly erotic adventures. Last week we featured a collection of Odd Bits and Dark Corners, but today we’re going OUT of this world. Have a look at Tracey’s take on sexy Space Girls!
Space Girls! by Tracey DeSanto


Space Girls! is a short story about a couple of young women from Mars who steal a flying saucer to go on a mission. The mission mostly involves going to Earth in search of sex. This story has plenty of bisexual action, mostly girl on girl and boy on boy. It has crass language and dirty ideas. All the characters are completely fictional, but if they were real they would all be over 19-years-old in any case. 

Space Girls ~ Part One: When Worlds Collide is a frisky and fun sci-fi retro romp. Expect laughs and licks and hand-jobs and cat-suits and sports cars and laser cannons and a cute armadillo. You have been warned.


“Lunette and Nebbie were Space Girls, and not just any Space Girls. They were co-commanders of the Martian Ladies Light-Speed Brigade. The fact that they were the only two members didn’t bother them much. They were also aware that their flying saucer could not reach anything like light speed, but that didn’t matter. The saucer had been “borrowed” from the the Sapphic High Priestess (who was also Nebbie’s Mom) and it zoomed plenty fast.
The Space Girls wore skin-tight crimson action suits (because Mars!). Their outfits were fashioned from only the most modern space-velour and left precious little to the imagination. Space girls don’t wear underwear. They do wear sassy belts, slung low on the hip, with zap-guns. Ankle-high space boots with rounded toes and flat heels allow them to navigate even the trickiest terrain. Nebbie and Lunette also owned transparent bubble helmets (with antennae!) for “if the need should arise”. 
Oh… they were Space Girls, all right, and they were headed for Earth, looking for action. 


James and Brandon were speeding towards Vegas in a rag-top BMW. It had been “borrowed” from James’ Dad. They were too cool for school, which is why they were skipping that day. These young men were good-lookin’ and best buddies. Freddy Mercury was blasting on the stereo. Cold beers (borrowed from Brandon’s Dad) were being chugged en route. They sang, “We Will Rock You!” very loudly.
The boys were feeling somewhat indestructible. If they weren’t so desirable you might resent them for their facial handsomeness and bulging groins. Even though the top was down, their carefully-gelled hairstyles remained crisply in place. Brandon’s cheekbones were dreamy and so was James’ chin-dimple. They laughed and joked photogenically as the beemer blazed a line through the desert towards Sin City. 
Little did they know it would never arrive.”
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