Book Spotlight: Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compliation by Tracey DeSanto

On this Wild Wednesday, we are journeying to the realm of the fantastical and odd, but still highly erotic storytelling. For the next few weeks we will be featuring a different book from Tracey DeSanto, who’s works cover the taboo, the dark, and the strange! So without further ado, here’s a spotlight of her first collection of short stories… Odd Bits & Dark Corners.

Odd Bits and Dark Corners



This quick and dirty compilation offers THREE erotic horror tales in ONE Short Read Book! Welcome to Tracey DeSanto’s underworld… her dark corner of smutty smidgeons. This is where she lets her taboo fantasies run wild.

Never forget… these stories are smut. They are intended for readers over 18 years of age. In Odd Bits & Dark Corners you will find three strange short stories… each with lots of sex… in this case, ghost sex, tentacle sex and demon sex.

Follow Stacy Drake – Girl Detective, as she gets downright personal with a strange boy in the old haunted garage. Learn about what happens to poor William when he can’t get a certain woman off his mind. Enjoy a dip in the Pacific with Vanessa, who is recently divorced, and needs a swimming companion.

It is all here in Odd Bits & Dark Corners, By Tracey DeSanto!


No Particular Place:

“Stacy swept her light downwards. A glimpse of something dissolved into the darkness down the hall. It was silent. She crept out of her sleeping bag, put on her sneakers, and stood to investigate. Brrrr… She was only wearing her nightshirt, and the Martini house was freezing. Gooseflesh rose under her pyjamas. Her nipples became darts. The flannel rubbing against them was arousing in a dead-end kind of way. Her bum was not made less chilly by the granny-panties she wore.
Not a ghost, she thought. No such thing.”
Nocturnal Emissions:

“During lunch that day he approached Angela with trepidation. She sold him a ham and swiss. When she gave it to him their hands met for a moment. She had warm fingers. A wide work apron concealed her large bosom. She glanced at him and winked. Was it a wink? It startled William with a stirring in his boxers, so he fled to the far corner of the lunch room. Eating in nibbles, he stole glances at this wide-hipped creature that had infiltrated his subconscious. Things calmed down in his undergarments, but it took some time.”

“A gentle swell rolled in. The tide swept up her torso, nudging her against the rocks. Salty water lapped up across her ribcage to splash on her breasts, teasing her nipples. Her bum bounced and rubbed against the smooth slate beneath her. Vanessa opened her legs and enjoyed the underwater currents fluttering across her. Her new muff danced in the ebb and flow like a mammalian anemone. Casually… distracted… almost as if she didn’t know what she was up to, she began to play with herself.”
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