Book Spotlight! Marie’s Introduction by G. R. Stone

Men all over the world want to know… what do women want? In this book spotlight, Author G. R. Stone takes us into the mind of her central character Marie, as her co-worker Ben uncovers exactly what she fantasizes about by reading her sexy diary. Be warned, this excerpt is hot, as Ben is about to discover. Marie’s Dairy – The Introduction is available now free on Kindle Unlimited, and the next installment Marie’s Diary – The Separation can be pre-ordered now and released March 31st.

Marie's Diary - The Introduction

by G. R. Stone

Marie's Diary Book 1

Genre: Erotica
Release Date: February 12th, 2016
Kindle Price: 0.99
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

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Book Description:

Marie Boxford is a forty-six-year-old, senior pharmaceutical representative, with her oldest in his final year of college and her youngest entering in the fall. She is facing the reality of her fading marriage and is working to come to terms with it. While she has a close group of friends to confide in, she is reluctant to divulge everything to any one of them, so she takes to putting down her thoughts in an online diary.

She works through her feelings at her half of the failure in her marriage, all the while coming more and more out her shell. She acknowledges her lack of emotional and physical response to sex, in her marriage and with her husband. She realizes, as her husband did, that what she wants and desires will likely need to come from someone else.

Ben Livingston is an everyday man; he is a single, white collar, professional who is just beginning a new relationship with a woman he works with, after exiting a recent, tumultuous, relationship. While navigating the Internet, he stumbles across the file share where Marie is storing her diary online.

As Marie begins the new chapters of her life, she is unaware that Ben has taken on the role of voyeur, taking vicarious pleasure by reading her entries.

This series is intended for mature audiences eighteen years and older.

Official Excerpt:

ENTRY THREE – NOVEMBER 13, 2015 – 23:40

Dear Diary, well this was an evening for the books, as they say. I expect this entry to be horrifically spelled; we all had a lot to drink, so I presumed I’ll be cleaning up the spelling and grammar in the morning. Hopefully I won’t subject skip too much as I write everything out.

I’m so glad we went with the car service; so worth the hundred bucks split five ways. We have a bunch of cars to get in the morning, but so be it, they will be there.

Everyone managed to get there before me. When I walked in Patti, Janet, and Paula, were sitting at the bar and Boyd was standing behind them.

Paula was all smiles; she has been dying to get with Boyd, our resident, thirty-year-old man whore, but he’s been very casual about it, surprisingly, since he checks her out the most.

Boyd and I chatted once about that, when the rest of them weren’t around. As much as he might like to bed Paula, he is genuinely concerned about how that might affect the group dynamic at some point down the road when they stop seeing one another. (And he does assume that is what would happen.)

A cock with a conscience… it was funny too because the whole time he was telling me his concerns, he was staring into my cleavage. I have to admit, it turned me on. Boyd is nice to look at and his reputation precedes him. He’s like a seven on the ‘one to ten scale’ for looks only, but his personality can get him as high as a nine when he hits his stride. If you get him to take you home, if that’s what you’re looking for, that’s the nine point five (as I don’t believe in perfect ‘10s’ as there’s always room for improvement).

As nice as all that might sound, it’s not available to me either based on the same group dynamic concerns issue that he has and due to the fact that Brian and I are in this state of… well whatever state we are in.

As much as I might long for the idea, and as much as I will flirt and enjoy the response, I seem to have a mental block about being unfaithful. I am good with people that swap, or swing, or mutually agree to a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ relationship, but both parties in those situations agree and are fully aware.

Anyway, back to the evening. It’s nice to get together with the girls and then have Boyd there to either gang up on or ask him all the ‘why do guys do this’ questions.

Tonight was an overboard event to be certain. Somewhere between the food and the drinks, and I am guessing the two rounds of shots, the conversation went dirty.

Patti and Janet are married so they have only so many adventures they are willing to talk about. To be honest, they are like most other couples, with only so many stories to tell and most from ‘way back when’.
Paula is single and so is Boyd. The six times a year or so that the conversations ‘go there,’ that is where we live; in their worlds of sexual adventure.

Paula used to call bullshit on Boyd because he was like ‘Topper’ – always outdoing her last adventure, until it was with one of her friends. Then it was corroborated; he walked the walk, and she had no counterpoint from that point forward at the very least.

Anyway… the conversations were hot, heavy, and very detailed. More than once we got staring glances from others in the place because of the content and volume of our conversation.

The stories between the two began to mash together as the night wore on. All I know is I felt like a cougar in the place, to an extent. I was all worked up from the talk and wanted to fuck. Had any of the thirty year olds approached me, the bulk of the evening’s clientele, I seriously wondered what I would have agreed to do.

The end of the night came without any of their advances and honestly I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t want to challenge what I would or wouldn’t do; I was reaching a point where more was on the table than off. We paid the tab and got the car service to bring us home.

I discovered Brian was already asleep once I got inside and into the bedroom. I took my panties off, kept my dress on, set my shoes down, and snuck into the bed.

I touched my husband; I was hoping to arouse him and wake him. I was actually surprised at how worked up I was, but I decided to roll with it.

The thought of what I wrote yesterday jumped into my head; how I don’t avoid sex with him but I never initiate and how he always did, but here I was, trying to initiate.

He moaned a little but never got hard. He awoke, said something about ‘being tired,’ and asked if we could try for the morning.

All I wanted was for him to get hard; I was fully prepared to pull up my dress and just mount him. I wanted him inside me so badly.

I could feel my thoughts and feelings race; then the booze mixed into that and I was getting angry. There was no way I was going to wreck my excitement level and where I was by getting upset. I was so worked up and I wanted to keep myself there. It felt good and I wanted to enjoy it.

I slowly slid out of the bed and stood at the foot of it. I watched my husband’s exposed chest rise and fall. He was still covered by the sheets from the waist down.

I took my hands and explored my breasts on the outside of my outfit. I played with them through the fabric, pretending for a moment that I was on top of him and he was reaching up to play with my nice, round, 36C, boobs.

I reached under my dress with my right hand. My clit was engorged. I gasped slightly when I first stroked it; it was so sensitive. I was surprised.

I continued to watch Brian sleep and I increased the speed of my fingers over my clit.

My breath raced and I used my left hand to reach inside the top of my dress to play with my breasts.

I continued to watch Brian and I just couldn’t get all the way there.

I was getting angry, on top of frustrated, and that only made the situation worse.

I inserted my fingers and quickly removed them, making sure to stimulate my clit while doing it.

I closed my eyes and thought about all the conversations at the bar. Things that Paula had done with her most recent boyfriend. The looks from the men in the area that overheard us and when they looked back at me. Things that Boyd did with his one-night stand from last night.

My mind raced and my breath quickened. I thought about Paula and Boyd together and how he might take her.

I baked up my own fantasy of the two of them. I imagined they left the group and went into the handicap bathroom of the bar, since it was a single room with a door lock. With the full restaurant just beyond the door, I imagined Paula pulling back her long blond hair with a tie from her purse and then going after Boyd’s belt.

I imagined him letting her and grabbing at her ponytail. She lowered herself in front of him and pulled his pants and underwear down in one shot. His half-erect member bobbing in front of her; him still holding the bulk of her hair.

I could feel myself building up again; I rubbed even faster. I wanted to continue the fantasy since it excited me so much but at the rate I was going, I was going to cum. I slowed my motion to let myself back down. I huffed quietly; I didn’t want to wake Brian. I opened my eyes slightly; he was still sleeping.

I closed them and went back to my fantasy.

Paula was going to town, taking his whole rod into her mouth. I imagined him a little larger than average, at six inches or so, and maybe a little larger in the girth department as well.

‘A two can fuck like a ten; women that are an eight or higher rely too much on their looks to get men and they likely never learned any skills’ Boyd was famous for saying. He also used to say ‘a man with a large tool never needed to learn how to fully use it; women swoon over a large rod. A guy with an average rod has to learn a few things and become above average to fuck a woman well.’

Boyd was awesome with logic, justification, and what not…
See… off topic. Anyway… I was thinking of Paula just taking Boyd for all he was worth. She was going to try to show him that for all his stories, she was sexually impressive as well.

While I imagined her just enjoying him in her mouth, right down to his balls, I could feel my own juices soaking my legs. I hadn’t been this worked up in a long time and I forgot how great it felt.
My breaths became shorter and shorter; my motion and speed in and out of my hot, wet, hole was increasing.

I cracked my eyes open again and looked at Brian. I really wanted to cum and look at him, but I realized the moment I opened my eyes, it decreased my ability to offset the booze temporarily. That, and losing some focus on the fantasy and what I ‘saw,’ was making me inadvertently back down.

I closed my eyes again and thought of Boyd pulling out of her mouth and still holding her hair. He maneuvered her up and turned her around, dropping her hands onto the back of the toilet, knocking the seat closed. He was still holding her ponytail in his right hand and he lifted her skirt with his left.

In one hard motion, he tore the G-string so that it broke and it became little more than a strap around her waist.

He flicked his cock at the edge of her wetness, to get himself covered in her heat, and he slammed all the way into her in one deep, fast, stroke.

I pushed my own fingers into myself deeply and held them. I came immediately. I imagined Paula doing the same thing. My muscles clenched hard, deep inside of me, as I pictured that she was cumming the same way.
Boyd held tightly and yanked back playfully on her ponytail.

As she finished up, he slid in and out of her. I moved my fingers to match the imagined speed and rhythm.

I could feel my body building up again. I increased the speed of pleasuring myself and I imagined Boyd fucking her faster. My own fingers were sloshing and making noise. I wanted to look up to make sure I wasn’t waking Brian up but I was almost ready to climax again and I didn’t want to risk losing it.

I had never cum twice in a row in my entire life.

I imagined I could ‘see’ Paula from the side; that her tits heaved inside her sweater on every downward motion from Boyd while he penetrated deeply and quickly into her.
He pounded harder and faster. She gasped, ‘I’m going to cum.’

‘I am too,’ he replied.
‘Give me all of it, baby; I want to feel your heat release inside of me,’ she screamed as she came.

He grunted, slammed into her and held deep, and pumped every drop he had into her.

I came all over my hand and onto my thighs; whimpering to not cry aloud.

After more than a minute I slowly opened my eyes, with my fingers still driven deep inside of me, and with my pussy clenching and throbbing. For the first time, I realized that the room was filled with my scent; it smelled completely like sex.

I slowly withdrew my fingers and leaned forward onto the foot of the bed, using my free hand to support myself.

I stood for a few minutes with my knees shaking and enjoying the afterglow.

After those few minutes, I straightened out my dress and came here to my desk to write up this entry, because I was sure I’d wake up with a screaming headache and I wanted to remember all of this, exactly like this.



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