Book Spotlight: Beautifully Burned by Bey Tolentino

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

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Just because you use plaster doesn’t mean you’ll heal, and just because it hurts doesn’t mean you’ll die.
Finally leaving the place that she once called home, Thia Meizler opens up a new chapter of her life that begins with infinite freedom but unfortunately demands onerous responsibilities not just for herself. In contrast to her predicament, she meets a person that screws her mantra the instant they cross paths.
Mason Kiel Rutledge.
The trudging bullet whose only aim is to perpetually stick to his practice of no strings attached reciprocates Thia’s unwanted scrutiny.
He’s careless, but he’s sweet. He’s free, but he’s reserved. He’s wild, but he’s enchanting. He’s not a virgin, but he’s never been kissed.
When Mason finds out that his idea of greatest surprise is Thia’s most feared nightmare, things get out of control.
Curiosity provokes persistence.
Persistence craves for answers.
Answers solidify friction.
Friction creates fire.

About the Author:

Originally from the Philippines, Bey got her inspiration to finally write a book when she became an intern in New York. She’s a Christian and a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management major in Travel and Tourism, but creativity just kept on bursting through her. Going against the flow from her sisters who are both into medical field, Bey exhibits spontaneity with the things she does. 
A frustrated painter. A random musician. A born wanderer.
A writer whenever ideas compromise with her hands, which happens to be half of the time.
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