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Series: Frosted Series #1

Author: Taylor Rose

Audience: New Adult/ Contemporary/ Sports Romance

Genre: Sports Romance

Formats: E-Book and Paperback

Cover by: Rebecca at The Final Wrap

Cover Model: James Williams

Editor: Aly Quinn

Released: May 23, 2017


They promised that dreams could come true.

Forgetting to mention that nightmares were dreams, too.

Demons came in all shapes and sizes.

I learned this the hard way.

I may have been broken, but I was still strong.

Scars are souvenirs that stay with you forever.

Etched on your body.

Etched on your mind.

Etched on your soul.

A constant reminder.

My reminder to never give up. To never forget.

I told myself I was fine, brushing my pain off as unimportant.

I went through life alive, but never truly living.

Until her.

Her haunted eyes pulled me in, familiarity etched in her gaze.

Her beauty hypnotized me, heart and soul.

Snaring me into her trap.

Wanting each other was unexpected.

Needing each other was necessary.

Our broken souls fused together.

Piece by piece.

I could have f****** sworn that she was my salvation.

But was it possible that she was my destruction, instead?

*TRIGGER WARNING* This book contains some graphic scenes. Some readers may find some of the scenes to be sensitive. Profanity, abuse, child abuse, and sexual content are involved. Mature readers only. Suggested to be +18 years or older. Happily Ever After is guaranteed.

This is the first book of the Frosted Series. Can be read as a STANDALONE.

New Adult Sports Romance. Full length Novel.

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I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book that I have read by Taylor Rose and she impressed me with her engrossing story telling skills, emotion filled characters, and off the charts heat! Taylor soon had me so deeply embedded in Figgy and Kieran’s world in Frosted that my heart was racing with every page I was turning! Taylor breathed such life into this Olympic figure skater, hockey player, and all of the supporting characters that I felt every moment of joy, desire, and sorrow that they all felt.

Figueroa Ryan had life in the palm of her hands. She had worked hard to get to the Olympics and earned every minute of her success. That is until a cruel fate rips it all away and she soon learns not to believe in fairy tales. It was oftentimes hard to read Figgy’s story and all the abuse that her life entailed but then I was so enamored with the strength that she has within to not only endure and overcome but to help her little sister do the same as well. Figgy proves that beauty comes from within and the sacrifices that you take on for someone that you love.

Kieran Kingston used hockey has his outlet from the pain of a foster home gone wrong. Now his life is all about hockey and fame until he sees the angelic faces of Figgy and her younger sister and he is done in for. Taylor had me falling so hard and so fast for this “charming” hero that proves again and again to Figgy that he earns every bit of his hockey title of being “the king”. And just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore in love, Taylor has me falling just as hard for his best bud Cooper along with the rest of the guys on the team.

Taylor Rose delivers a spellbinding start to the Frosted series that will leave you with a love and addiction for these emotionally scarred characters that is sure to rival your top faves! I highly recommend Frosted for a romance that transcends far beyond the moves on the ice for a chilling, suspenseful story of characters who have made it through hell and have survived and found one another. I look forward to reading many more books from this new and upcoming author.


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