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Title: Candy Boys 
Author: Jo Raven 
Genre: MMF 
Joel and Jethro. Roommates. Total hunks. Inseparable friends. Hot as hell.
Meet my fantasy boyfriends. Aren’t they just the sexiest, cutest thing? I know, right? They totally are. They are hot, too hot for a quiet—and obsessed with them—girl working in a bookshop.
That’d be me, by the way.
There’s also the tiny problem of Joel wanting another girl. And as for Jethro, well… he doesn’t do girls. Or maybe he doesn’t do relationships. He certainly doesn’t do boys, so he isn’t doing his best and very male friend… right? Much less his male friend and me at the same time.
So it’s fine to crush on them. And write a serial story on my blog in which we have tantric sex in every possible position.
All three of us. Together. Touching, and licking, and sucking, and screwing.
I mean, it’s okay. It’s perfectly safe. They’ll never even know I exist, much less find out about my blog and my secret fantasy about them.
…Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.
Warning: This book contains two super-hot boys and a nerdy, funny girl who has the hots for them. It includes boy on boy fun, and girl on boy, and boy on girl, and girl on boy on boy, and, well, you get the picture.
Warning 2: This book may set you on fire. Handle with caution.
Warning 3: This book is funny, and dark, and angsty. It is NOT a love triangle. It is a relationship between three people with a happy ending.
“Jet, we need to talk.”
“Screw talking.” He moans in my mouth, the vibrations traveling from his broad chest to my body, making me clench with need.
“You want me,” he whispers. “Say it.”
“I want you,” I whisper, and he moans again.
“Oh yeah. Tell me what turns you on. What your fantasy is.”
Holy crap.
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” I lick his lips, inviting him to kiss me again, to stop my confession, but it’s not enough to stop the words. “I want you, Jet. And Joel. I want what you want, and I can’t…”
Jet’s breath hitches, his lashes sweeping low on his cheeks. “Can’t what?”
“Can’t choose between you. Don’t you see?” The truth is finally out. It was choking me all this time. My eyes sting, because I know he’ll push me away any second now. “I’m sorry. I should have said it from the start. I should—”
“What exactly are you saying, Sugar Pop?” He drops back on the sofa, brows knitted. “Are you walking away?”
“No. You have no idea…” I shake my head, my cheeks on fire, my heart thudding heavily in my chest. “I want you both. Here. At the same time. With me. God, I can’t believe I told you.”
He licks his lips, his eyes so dark. “Say it again, sugar.” He lifts a hand to my face, draws me down to him. “Say it again.”
“I want the two of you, with me.”
“Fuck, you have any clue what you’re doing to me? What you just said…” His gaze is full of wonder, wide and hot. His hands move down my back, finding bare skin under my blouse, scorching brands. “Come here.”
He pulls and tugs until I’m fully seated on his lap, his hard cock pressing sideways against my inner thigh.
I brace my hands on his shoulders, gripping the thick muscles there as he kisses me deeply, so hard my lips hurt. His stubble scrapes over my chin.
It’s hot. He’s so frigging hot, I can’t even think, can’t do anything but fall into the kiss.
Then a low male voice says from behind him, “Harder, Jet.”
I jolt with shock. Jethro’s hands grab my waist, fingertips digging deep.
A shadow falls over us. Someone comes to stand behind the couch and slides a hand into Jethro’s wild hair. Familiar blue eyes dart from my face to his.
“Joel?” Jethro’s voice hitches. “Didn’t know you were here. J, listen—”
“Kiss her harder.” His hand slips down Jethro’s face to his jaw, and he leans down to whisper close to his ear, “I wanna watch.”






I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Being a huge fan of Jo Raven, I couldn’t wait to get to know her Candy Boys intimately and cherish every minute with them. Jo gives her readers and fans a different romance than all her others. Who says that three has to be a crowd? Not in this book. Three is most definitely the magic number and Jo Raven proves it again, and again, and again! She keeps us riveted with every lick, pant, forbidden desire, and fantasy brought to life with these three who can’t keep their hands, tongues, and imaginations off one another. Candy, Jethro, and Joel are sweet enough to induce a tooth ache, spicy enough to satiate, and hot enough to singe!

Candace Black aka Candy is a bookwormish nerd with an insatiable appetite for two boys who she has secretly coveted for years. She spends her days working at a book store and her nights feverishly typing out her fantasies about her “candy boys” for her many online fans. That is until the day that Joel enters her bookstore looking for a banana cookbook for his roomie and fictional fantasies soon become real and oh so yummy! Candy is hilarious! She kept me entertained with her humorous inner dialogue, hot as hell fantasies, and let’s not forget her two delectable mouth watering pieces of man candy!

“There is some darkness in me. The things I want, the things I crave.. they aren’t pure vanilla. They aren’t what most girls want.”

Joel Kingsley is the epitome of popular and has been starring in the “highlight” reel in Candy’s imagination for years yet not knowing she even existed. Now he finds himself intrigued by a sexy nerdy girl from the bookstore and filled with confused thoughts about his roommate that are less of a platonic nature and more of a sexual one. I couldn’t help but become attached to this gorgeous hero who is so alpha male but is stuck in sexual limbo. Poor guy needed to just give in to his thoughts and feelings and be free to love both Candy and Jet!

“Joel can’t hide how his body reacts to me. He’s not as straight as he’d like to believe. He may like chick’s more than boys, but there’s a spark when his gaze moves over my body.”

Jo Raven can’t possibly give us a hot and steamy romance without a truly tortured hunk and Jethro Connors fits the description in this love story. He has had unrequited feelings for his best friend/roomie Joel for years and has been stuck in his own inner turmoil and personal hell created by his past. Jet was all kinds of dark and spicy candy that made you love every last morsel with his penchant for the curvy Candy and the gorgeous heartthrob Joel. Jet kept me tied in emotional knots and melted in a puddle of goo with his dominant, mysterious, “need someone to hold me” persona. I fell for him the hardest and couldn’t wait for all of his darkest desires to be carried out.

“Yeah, I like girls, and I like boys. I like them both together. On me. Under me. In me. Around me.”

Jo Raven delivers an off the charts scorching story of love found between three very different people who are looking for the same thing, even if they didn’t know it. I fell madly in love with Candy and her boys along with enjoying every blood pumping moment of their sexual journey together. I highly recommend Jo Raven’s Candy Boys along with any of her other moan inducing reads for heroes that make you want to hold and cuddle them and heroines that leave you in envy and wanting to be them!

Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven® story.

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