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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I am HUGE fan of C. M. Owens so it isn’t a surprise that I squeal when I know she has a new release. I can never wait to see what sexy couple in steamy compromising positions she will write about next. I also wonder what new inside joke will develop that only fans of the Sterling Shore series will understand and break into hysterics over. I never finish one of C. M. Owens books without a new book boyfriend, sore abs from laughing, and in an amorous mood. Bo and Jax fulfilled all of those and so much more. I knew when Jax was previously introduced that I wanted to get to know the hot trainer on a more personal level and Bo piqued my interest and made me want to dive deeper into her reclusive ways. Identical Disaster takes us on a hilarious, sexy ride with speedos, assless chaps, and a need for a an off the charts hot vacation of our own.

Jaxon Marshall is more than just a trainer to the elite Sterling Shore residents. We get to know him more intimately during Identical Disaster and see him in a whole new, sometimes funny, and often hot way. He has little time for romance with running his own gym and is now fulfilling a family obligation by vacationing in Hawaii. Dragging along his new girlfriend that the family dislikes is a good way to show everyone that he is in charge of his own personal life. Or at least that is what he thinks. I loved seeing inside his head and his heart. The situations that he got himself into were hilarious too. Bo and Jax are the perfect match! They are sure to leave your heart pounding and body heaving with laughter.

Bo, who is Ruby’s roommate from Triple Dare, likes to fade into the background. She has always let her sister Bora take the spotlight and has often cleaned up many of her messes. But while cleaning up one of those messes, she finds herself on vacation and acting unlike herself. I loved seeing Bo come out of her shell and find her own self worth. It was empowering to see a female character become stronger as the story went on.

C. M. Owens once again proves once again that there is no character too small or insignificant to have their own story. I fall more in love with her characters from Sterling Shore with every book. I love their inappropriate jokes, witty comebacks, and outrageous antics. There is always plenty of steam and heart and each story line is unique. I highly recommend for a romance that will lighten your mood, make you fall head over heels, and leave you hot and bothered.





My life was simple… until Bo Brendon crashed into my lap. Shy girls aren’t my thing, yet somehow, she’s under my skin and in my head. It’s a f*cking nightmare. Yet it’s a nightmare I don’t want to give up.



Jax Marshall was an accident. A really sexy, smart, incredibly smooth, hot… accident. He’s the kind of guy you shouldn’t fall in love with, because he could crush you with barely any effort. Especially someone like me. Either it will be the best thing to ever happen to me, or it will be the disaster that leaves me in ruins.

I guess I’ll find out.




*Adult content

*Can be read as a stand-alone

*Dual POV

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C.M. Owens always loves a good laugh, and lives and breathes the emotions of the characters she becomes attached to. Though she came from a family of musicians, she has zero abilities with instruments; she sounds like a strangled cat when she sings; and her dancing is downright embarrassing. Just ask anyone who knows her. Her creativity rests solely in the written word. Her family is grateful that she gave up her quest to become a famous singer.


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