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Book Description: 

Since Chris’s mother
died when he was sixteen years old, he has lived for only one goal:
seeking revenge on his mother’s ex-lover, Kevin. Determined not to
repeat his mother’s mistake, Chris vows never to fall into love’s
seductive, deceptive clutches.

With Kevin’s business teetering
on the edge of bankruptcy, Chris senses his chance. He kidnaps Kevin’s
stepdaughter, Julia, and sets a ransom—if Kevin cancels a company-saving
business deal, then Julia will be returned. The scheme seems
perfect—until Chris’s long-suppressed feelings for Julia bubble to the
surface. Julia, meanwhile, proves a resilient captive with a knack for
pushing Chris’s buttons, even as her own feelings for her kidnapper
become increasingly conflicted.

As the passion between Chris and
Julia heats up, other forces come into play. Chris isn’t the only one
who wants Julia, nor is he the only one willing to abduct her to satisfy
his needs. Julia’s life—and perhaps Chris’s only chance at love—are in
danger. Will Chris fight for his happily ever after—or will he let
destiny take its own path? 

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About the Author: 

Izabela Monick is the author
of the suspenseful romance novel Evitable Destiny, a complex mix of
love, hate, trust, betrayal, and steamy sexual encounters. Izabela lives
in New York with her husband and two children. She works as an
accountant during the day and as a writer at night. Since she was young,
Izabela has loved both math and writing, but when she picked an
accounting career to pay her bills, she still dreamed of becoming an
author. Finally, she found the courage to sit down and write her own
novel. Now, Izabela delights in shocking her readers with unexpected
twists and turns while keeping her plots brimming with heated passion
until the final page.  

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