Author Spotlight and Interview: Connie Lafortune

I’m very excited to be doing my first “Author Interview” with Connie Lafortune. We’ve been getting to know each other over the last couple of months, ever since she contacted me to write a review for her novel The Claiming of CallanThe Claiming of CallanThe Claiming of Callan by Connie Lafortune
Recommended for mature audiences only. My name is Logan Black… I’ve always known I was different, that something dark and twisted lurked just below the surface of my skin. Waiting, for her… Five years of passion and pleasure so intense, we begin and end together. Until one dark and rainy night, my life is forever changed… A heartbeat, a breath, or the blink of an eye, that’s how quickly your perfect life could cease to exist. In a few short weeks, everyone I love is slipping through m...
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2014-10-21
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
(See Review) . Well… I was very nervous to say the least! I didn’t want to let her down with my review… and she was on pins and needles wondering if I was going to like her novel. Neither one of us had to worry though, I LOVED the novel and she LOVED the review of it. I then wanted to read and review Because Of YouBecause Of YouBecause Of You by Connie Lafortune
For 21-year-old Hunter Davis, being a lifeguard on one of South Carolina’s most popular beaches has its benefits. With his chiseled body, panty-dropping good looks, and penetrating blue eyes, he’s every woman’s dream and every father’s nightmare. So why would he want to commit to one woman? Love is not in his vocabulary. For 18-year-old Riley Hamilton, it’s just the opposite. Her father left when she was six years old, and her mother has been angry and bitter ever since. Riley finds so...
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2013-12-25
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
(See Review) , and Connie was happy to oblige. All I can say is “Wow”, she really IS a talented author! Connie is now in the process of writing her third novel and I can’t wait to share more information about it as it becomes available(we might pick up a clue or two in this interview). When choosing an author to do the next Spotlight on, I figured why not turn it in to an interview? Connie was the first author I thought of and I’m am grateful and honored that she accepted the invitation. So without further ado… here is the Author Spotlight and Interview with Connie Lafortune…

Interview with Connie Lafortune

PART I – Questions about Connie Lafortune and the Writing Process

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PART II – Present and Future Novels…

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PART III – Wrap Up

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Connie Lafortune
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Connie Lafortune is a shift supervisor by day and an author at night. She loves spending time with her family and friends, taking walks along the beach, and listening to music…If she’s not in her office writing, you can bet she’s curled up on the couch with her nose buried in a book. Connie lives in Connecticut with her husband, Alan.

Connie is a true believer in love conquering all… This being the reason why she loves writing romance novels. She wants to create a story based on strong, believable characters. One’s that will make you laugh, cry and feel every emotion under the sun. Connie wants to leave you breathless and begging for more…

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