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by Claire Donovan

XOXO Romance Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 15th, 2016
Kindle Price: 0.99
Kindle Unlimited: No

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Book Description:

No stepbrother deserves a first chance, much less a second…

*** Brooklyn ***

I’m a spirited, athletic community college student from New Jersey, traveling to attend my mother’s Hawaiian wedding to a wealthy land developer. If I meet a charming man who stirs my interest while I’m on the beach or in the pool, I might just take a chance…

You know the rest… when I hook-up with a gorgeous bronze surf instructor any caution remaining in me drops straight to the bottom of the sea…

I’m an eager audience for his sweet words. I’m convinced he adores my show-stopping red hair and unsinkable style. His lagoon blue eyes bedazzle me so completely that the word regret loses all meaning…

Until later that same night when I discover his father is the man marrying my mother…

And that he’s escorting a tall gorgeous blonde in a strapless sheath dress to the rehearsal dinner…

And that he still has enough brass in his balls to hit on me at the wedding reception…!

When I feel his molten arms around my waist, my blood heats up so quickly that I vent steam whiter than his dinner jacket into the blue night…

Just who does my new stepbrother Adam Seabrook think he is?

He even makes it impossible for me to scream at him in frustration. How can I, when our lips are locked together as tight as a chowder clam?

And even if there might be something special between Adam and me, it doesn’t guarantee us a happily ever after. My best solution is to put a wide ocean between us. But my plan isn’t dialing down my summery heat even one degree…

My heart argues: Give Adam a chance. My head answers: No stepbrother deserves a first chance, much less a second…

***Hilo is an XOXO Stepbrother MC Standalone Novel. HEA. No cheating. ***

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