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Convenient Fall

by Jerica MacMillan

Players of Marycliff University Book 2

Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: May 16th, 2016
Kindle Price: 0.99
Kindle Unlimited: No

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Book Description:

Sleeping with your roommate is a bad idea, right?

Megan Davidson is scrambling to find a new place after Abby, her roommate and best friend decides to move in with her boyfriend Lance. With just a week until classes start, the open spot left in Lance’s old house looks like her best option. She moves in with Matt and Chris, shameless flirts and notorious players.

Chris Schwartz first met Megan at their Fourth of July party over the summer, and he’s wanted her ever since. She’s now tantalizingly close, and he doesn’t want to keep his hands to himself, even if its the worst idea ever. Chris doesn’t do relationships, but once with Megan just isn’t enough.

With ground rules in place, it seems like everything’s working out fine. But will Chris’s history catch up to him and ruin everything?

Previous | Next Page 372 of 749 (749 results)