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by Alison Foster

Everlasting Prequel

Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 3rd, 2014
Kindle Price: 0.01
Kindle Unlimited: No

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Book Description:

These women, I don’t look for them. They just appear. They are drawn to the severe cold in my eyes and the extreme heat in my pants. I don’t want to disappoint them. I always aim to please. They want a hardcore stallion and sadly I am little else.

I’ve had them all: tall, petite, thin, heavy, skinny, curvy, blondes, brunettes, gingers. Their loneliness reminds me of my own. I want to pay attention to them, make them feel special. Let them do the same for me. But when it’s done, I don’t want to linger there within the mutual denial.

But then Grace comes along and all bets are off. Her touch feels so damn good I get the urge to wrap my arms around her, but I worry that I might hurt this sweet girl like a clumsy Frankenstein. If I can do one thing for her, it would be staying far, far away.

This novelette is a short prequel to BEAUTIFUL RUIN. It includes an excerpt of the first chapter of BEAUTIFUL RUIN (a standalone novel) and it can be read before or after.

*Warning: this book contains sex, violence and explicit language*

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