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A Private Paradise #6

by Anna Jaye Wilde

Private Paradise Book 6

Genre: Erotica
Release Date: September 19th, 2015
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

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Book Description:

My friend Lucie was coming to tonight’s sex party with me. Would it be weird seeing my friend naked and screwing men right in front of me?

I had been selected from hundreds of applicants to join an elite group of attractive men and women, their identities and modesty concealed only by a beautiful, intricate eye mask. Those that made the cut enjoyed clandestine, secret evenings of passion, desire and games with single or multiple partners and quite often, an audience of smiling spectators.

Strict rules were in place to ensure the guests observed the limits of others, and anyone who broke the rules was blacklisted and banned from any future events.

This party was sure to be an eye opener!

Adults Only – Explicit Content

Previous | Next Page 71 of 749 (749 results)