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by A.S Peavey

Uncovered: The Complete Series

Genre: Erotica
Release Date: February 22nd, 2016
Kindle Price: 5.99
Kindle Unlimited: No

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Book Description:

Kelsey never would have imagined her husband would cheat on her. She hadn’t thought Omar was that kind of man. They’d been married happily for years. They were finally ready for a kid—and he was even more excited about having a child than she was. Kelsey thought she knew Omar.

Today proved her wrong.

But a far bigger illusion was shattered today. Kelsey never would have imagined her husband’s affair would turn her on. She certainly never would have imagined that overhearing Omar’s mistress, and then seeing that mistress, would get her excited, would make her want to be a voyeur, exploring her body while listening to her husband and his mistress.

But Kelsey does not confront Omar, even to ask him to continue his affair in front of her eyes. She knows she needs to talk to him, but her mind is driven by so many other temptations. She wants to have her own affair, to sleep with men who aren’t her husband. She begins on a long and dangerous journey to bring herself sensual pleasure, to explore her desires.

She finds far more about herself than she ever would have imagined. She explores desires not only for men but for women as well. She finds herself fantasizing about her doctor. More than that, Kelsey reminisces about her premarital life, before she was a prim, proper woman. Her past can fuel her indecent behavior. But will she misbehave inside her marriage, or outside?

However, the biggest surprise will not be what Kelsey finds out about herself. It will be what Kelsey finds out about Omar, about his activities, and their marriage.

Kelsey will have to decide what she wants, not just to satisfy her body, but also for the sake of her marriage.

Also included with this novel, previously serialized in 6 parts is a short story, “Uncovered and Presented” which take place approximately a year after the main novel.

Warning: contains explicit descriptions of adult behavior.

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