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Her Fiery Viking

by AJ Tipton

Her Elemental Viking Book 1

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 12th, 2014
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

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Book Description:

The heat is on when a cursed Viking clashes with the woman of his dreams.

Over a thousand years ago, a witch hexed a family of Viking warriors, each with one of the four elements. They live with these curses today, doomed to suffer for their past crimes forever.

Mikkel might just be too hot to handle. Working as a well-muscled demolitions specialist, he must do everything he can to stay in control. If he allows himself to grow angry, his curse kicks in, making Mikkel burst into an uncontrollable ball of fire. After centuries of tragedy, he fears the fury within him will endanger anyone he lets get too close.

When Joanna–a smart, sexy engineer angry at the world–explodes into his life, Mikkel can’t resist her smoldering allure. Has the time finally come to let someone in to embrace his fire? Or will they both be scorched by a fiery passion?

This mature romance includes incendiary bar room shenanigans, high-speed car escapades, and a blazing romance that beats all odds.

This STANDALONE novella is part of the “Her Elemental Viking” series which can be read in any order. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.

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