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Trusting Stone

by Alexa Sinclaire

Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: November 18th, 2015
Kindle Price: 5.99
Kindle Unlimited: No

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Book Description:

Eden Walker used to be a good girl. She followed the rules, obeyed her parents, and reaped the benefits. Until the night one wrong step showed her that all that glitter is not gold. Now she’s starting over, trying to do things on her own terms, and find the passion she’s only dreamt about.

Sebastian Stone never expected to find love. His past is too painful for him to imagine letting someone in enough to love. He’s happy focusing on his security company, and he’s happy with his one-night-stands. Until he bumps into Eden, a blast from his past.

Sebastian makes Eden realize she’s still scared to follow the passion she knows is missing from her life. Eden is the woman for him, but can Sebastian convince Eden to follow her dreams all the way through? Or will circumstances beyond her control pull them apart?

Previous | Next Page 18 of 749 (749 results)