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Sarah Muellers
What makes me tick you ask?

Huh…I dunno. Feel free to call me and tell me when you find out, I’d love to know!

Fun and Jokes aside though… the thing making it so easy to write the story is… I don’t fit in anywhere either. Not really at least. People turning around, giving me the funny look or whispering behind my back is the nicer side of the coin, the other is sneering and insults and whatnot. So guess what? I pull back into my own world and make up all sorts of stories and scenarios to stay sane. I was always good at spinning all kinda stuff and coloring it out with words. Two years ago I got pulled into RP, after having written some stuff in school I thought hey, something new, why not? And then last year it hit me: Plot for a book. That said, you’d think I had a plan? HA! As if… Nope, well I did, but apparently my brain had something else in mind than me. Oh well. Considering I’m torn between Germany and Oman I’m not exactly sure where the story takes place, ask me again, after the characters let me know!

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Secret Phantom
by Sarah Muellers

Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: Dec 10th, 2015
Kindle Price: 2.99
Amazon: US
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