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Richard Nurse
There are two adages that I have learned hold a lot of truth. The first being; “That with age come Knowledge” and the second being; “Traumatic Events in One’s Life, Often Brings Deeper Insight and Understanding”.

As I have been ‘blessed’, to have both of the adages present, on my life’s resume, I can truthfully say, “That for me, being able to pursue what I love, and enjoy doing, far out weights the desire for monetary wealth.” What I have found to be my true love is to write, and tell stories. Stories like I told my daughter every night, stories that were never the same, and never planned. Just like the books and poems that I write today.

Back in the dark ages, actually the 50’s 60’s, when I was in school, we were taught that to write a story, or any paper for that matter, you had to out-line the story before you wrote the story. A process that I never use today, nor did I back then. Which probably explains why I drove most of my English teaches and professors nuts in high school and college. (Or was it the use of my own rules for grammar and punctuation that was the cause?)

When I write a story, there is no outline, or specific plan of any type. What I write simply flows out of my heart and/or mind, through my fingers and onto my screen. I rarely know what is going to happen next in the story, until it shows up on my screen. I let the characters tell the story, which make the writing of a story for me as exciting and fun, as I hope it does for the readers, when they read the finished piece. Plus, the ending of each book or poem is a surprise to me, because I don’t know how it ends, until it is done.

Richard Nurse

Note: Mr. Nurse has published 30 novels, short stories and books of poetry, under his own name and his pen-name.

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Out of the Chaos
by Richard Nurse

Genre: Suspense Romance
Release Date: Sep 11th, 2015
Kindle Price: 3.49
Kindle Unlimited
Amazon: US
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