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Heather Rossi
Heather Rossi has worked as a bartender, a craft store cashier, and a low-level hospital administrator, all while writing novels at night. If you ever need someone to fix you a Rye Manhattan while discussing scrapbooking and scheduling your mammogram, she’s your gal.

Heather lives in California with her dog Posey and her cat Douglas, two very kind and understanding creatures who make for a great writing support system while she presses the keys that make the words. Heather also thinks it bears mentioning that she owes a debt of gratitude to the various men in her life who have in the past and are currently inspiring her stories.

Heather bets you’re a lovely person who would love to give her the encouragement she needs to publish her next novel, and is appreciative of all reviews, large and small. She promises to personally read each and every one.

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Second Chances
by Heather Rossi

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Jan 26th, 2016
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
Amazon: US
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