Acts of Desperation by Emerson Shaw

I was kindly provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book was aptly named because it was full of underhanded, conniving tricks from multiple characters. Acts of DesperationActs of DesperationActs of Desperation by Emerson Shaw
Lie… Steal… Cheat… Kill? What would you do when everything you love is threatened? Sember Adler is a young atto
ey embarking on her career. When a case lands on her desk that hits too close home, Sember worries her inexperience could compromise the outcome, and failure isn’t an option. The situation appears hopeless, until the confident and magnetic, Jax Alexander arrives at her firm. Sparks instantly begin to fly, but where there is fire someone is bound to get bu
ed. Secret...
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Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: 2014-01-15
Kindle Price: 3.99
Kindle Unlimited
had it all from romance, heat, deception, and revenge. Emerson Shaw takes her readers on a roller coaster ride with all the action along with a myriad of emotions. It was a phenomenal read about heartache, loss, and love that drew me in and made me feel sympathy and even hatred for these beautifully flawed characters in a story that was based on the author’s real life.

Sember is a strong willed female that starts out the story with a man that is undeserving of being in her life. After she “takes out the garbage” she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a gorgeous guy who also works at her law firm of Alexander, Richards, and Williams. Being the practical lawyer that she is, her mind is cautioning her from becoming involved with Jax, but her libido has other ideas. Sember inspired many emotions within me. I could not believe the strength she has to endure the pain that life throws at her and she still manages to be a solid rock for her sister who was going through a heart breaking and trying divorce. Emerson showed us how much strength a woman has to get to overcome tragedy and rise to new heights as a person.

All I can say about Jax is: Where can I find me a man as sophisticated, loving, and lickable as he is? Sember hit the jackpot with this sweetie. Towards the end of the story I was a little frustrated with the way she was pushing him away. But later she redeemed herself in my eyes. I mean seriously, who can resist a piece of man candy like him who is there for her no matter what? They are perfect for one another in every way. He is the ying to her yang.

This is a story that needs to be experienced by all women everywhere. It shows heart, loyalty, tenacity and of course plenty of sizzle. Jax and Sember will keep you awake long after bedtime riveted to this intriguing, steamy read that is more truth than fiction. I highly recommend picking up this emotionally charged read and giving Emerson Shaw‘s story telling skills a try. I cannot wait to read Straight FlushedStraight FlushedStraight Flushed by Emerson Shaw
Being a bodyguard is what makes Diana Cain tick. It wasn’t initially what she set out to do, but one night changed the course of her life, and she vowed to never let anyone be a victim again. Then she met Vance DeLuca. His polished physique, chiseled face, and magnetic charm make him everything a woman wants. The only problem? He’s her partner and office romances are prohibited. When Diana meets a new man, tensions unexpectedly rise. His charisma and beach boy good looks make him irresisti...
A Hot Pursuit Novel Book 1
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: 2015-06-21
Kindle Price: 3.99
Kindle Unlimited
and see what intrigue and steam awaits Diana Cain.

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