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At the beginning I was very hesitant to read Resplendent RuinResplendent RuinResplendent Ruin by Bella J
Juliette thought she had love. She thought she knew what it felt like to be loved. And to finally marry her fiancé, Daniel, was a dream she refused to let go of—until Knox Taylor showed up and made her question everything she thought she knew about life and love. Juliette Mason had it all—the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect fiancé. She lived the perfect life. Until everything started to slowly fall apart. Daniel, her attractive and success-driven fiancé, was the love of her l...
Resplendence Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-11-16
Kindle Price: 5.38
, but yet still intrigued to see where the story line went between Juliette and Knox. From the moment Juliette was introduced, I noticed three things: her loneliness, her love for Daniel, and that her moral beliefs that were going to be pushed to the limits in this love story. Your heart can’t help but go out to her, when you read the desperate feelings she has towards Daniel and his neglect along with the confusing, all consuming desire for Knox. Bella J wove a story of deception, power, and love that shows that everything is not always black and white but instead various shades of gray.
Juliette Mason or “Duchess” as Knox affectionately referred to her, is tucked away in the rich and lonely lifestyle. She has been engaged to Daniel Clarke for many years and it doesn’t look like a wedding is at the top of their list of priorities. They are both in a very prestigious position at a company owned by both of their families and it would please everyone to see both Juliette and Daniel be united in marriage and would benefit the company as well. Unfortunately since Daniel has become CEO the company has become his mistress, stealing all of their time and “intimate moments” away from Juliette. Leaving a sexually frustrated, lonely shell of a woman behind.

“She could still remember how adored and cherished he used to make her feel, but since he’d become CEO, it was like his drive for success consumed him.”

That is until she meets Knox Taylor and he drags her into a world of uncontrollable passion, spontaneity, and outrageous activities that solidifies a bond between this motor cycle god and the prim and proper Juliette. At first Knox thinks that Juliette is an “ice princess” before he starts chipping away at her frozen outer shell and sees the amazing woman underneath. Once he gets a glimpse, he plans on making her his.

“Juliette had never felt so torn in her life-torn between the man she loved almost her entire life, and her desire for a man she hardly knew.”

Daniel is perfectly aware of the advantages of being married to Juliette and knows that he loves her with all his heart even as he pulls away from her. Since he failed her in the one thing that he could truly offer her as a man, he completely immerses his self in his work. Until he comes to the realization that Juliette should be his most important priority and he feels her slipping through his fingers.

“I see you, Juliette. I see the wild spark in your eyes whenever we’re together. Daniel-he’s suffocating you. He’s not giving you any air to breathe, and I will never do that.”

While this is not a traditional love story, it struck a chord within my heart. No one should ever neglect the love that they feel for another, and sometimes your life plays out in a way that is completely different then what you imagined. Although Juliette chose a different, more difficult path to happiness, she flourished and was given the love that she deserved. There were so many different factors at play in this entertaining love story of lines being crossed and new lines being drawn. I highly recommend for lovers of romance that challenge your values and show that there is a different side to every story. Bella J did an excellent job of showing emotions felt by all the characters during this tumultuous love found in an unconventional way.

I am so excited to share my thoughts with all of you on Resplendent RushResplendent RushResplendent Rush by Bella J
When an eccentric woman and a cocksure marine get tangled up in a wild affair, it’s nothing short of explosive. Resplendent Rush, book 2 in the Resplendence series from romance author Bella J is a contemporary romantic comedy with scorching chemistry and quick-witted banter. Find out if two opposites might just end up being perfectly imperfect for each other. Lexi is a vivacious, quirky, and fiercely independent woman with enough attitude and wit to intimidate even the most confident of men. ...
Resplendence Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2016-01-10
Kindle Price: 6.99
(See Review) , book 2 in the series. Levi, Knox’s best friend, and Lexi, Juliette’s sister,  will have you hot and bothered and doubled over with laughter from beginning to end. Check out the sexy cover here.


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