A Pooch Review

a dog changes everythingApproximately six months ago we took a family vacation, and we brought home a new family member we didn’t plan on having. We never intended to get another puppy, you see, because we had lost a dog the year before… and we couldn’t bring ourselves to let another dog into our hearts at that time.


Brussels Griffons are also know as “Monkey faced dogs”

When we first saw our little Monkey (yes that’s what we named him), we just knew he was going to enrich our lives in many ways. He is a Brussels Griffon and captured our hearts the moment that we met him. He was so tiny, weighing just five pounds and he looked like a little brown ball of fur. He made the trip from South Carolina to Florida to start his new life with us.

He has been our constant companion whether we are camping, celebrating a big family Christmas, or in a room full of a giggling girls during a sleepover. He is the missing piece of our family puzzle and we are all madly in love with him.

Ever since our little furbaby came into our lives, we have tried out different brands of dog food, treats and toys. Most of his toys do not last very long since he is such an energetic, teething puppy. Though we have found some products that we will keep in stock. Not too long ago, we discovered that our little monkey began developing severe allergies and has to take a pill everyday. It was a constant fight to get him to take his medicine because he would run, hide, or pop the pill back out of his mouth. We wanted to find a gentler way to give him medicine without forcing a pill down… and that’s when we happened to find Greenie’s Pill Pockets. I can honestly tell you that whoever invented those was a genius! These are soft, pliable treats that taste great for dogs and you can put a pill right into the center of it. Not only does Monkey love to take his medicine now, he begs for it! They have different flavors such as chicken, beef, and peanut butter. Monkey likes Peanut Butter the best and so now we have a standing order with Amazon to send us one package a month. Another product that has become a quick favorite in our household is Purina Beneful Baked delights cheddar and bacon treat. Once he hears the dog cabinet open, he always comes running.

Stay tuned for more pet reviews since we love bringing home new treats and toys for our spoiled pooch, and check out these pictures below of our furry family member!



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