A Perfect Gift (Re-Ignite The Fire #2) by Amie Saskatchewan

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

A perfect GiftAfter joining Cal and Ashleigh on their weekend vacation of sexual exploration in reigniting their fire, I couldn’t wait to meet up with these two again and experience more sexy commands and silent submission. Amie takes us back into this world of sexual curiosity to a couple who opened the door on fulfilling desires and then slammed it shut never to open it again. But what if they both crave the burning passion that they experienced that night? What happens when the spark needs to be reignited once again so they can feel the burn? Possibly a gift and a guest to add fuel to the fire?

Ashleigh and Cal were brought closer by their night with Matthew and Bella while on vacation but decided to leave the experience at that. Now it is months later and they both are hankering for the brand of intimacy that they indulged in that night but are hesitant to try to recreate. Can a shiny object reminiscent of that night help them achieve heights of ecstasy or will they need to bring someone else into their fold…for just one night?

“He felt completely in control, able to instinctively direct what was happening. He felt like he had the pleasure of all three of them in his hands.”

Amie delivers another scorcher about rekindling a sexual relationship and pushing couples and boundaries to soar to new heights that they have never known in their love. I highly recommend the Re-ignite The Fire series for short stories that show long time partners learning how to stoke the fire of their passions and letting their passions blaze above and beyond their wildest expectations.

“they paused for a second and smiled at each other longingly. They both knew that they were in the same place right now, both finally satisfied after months of waiting, avoiding this inevitability.”


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